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Football is about trophies. It’s about glory. It’s about supporting your team and living with them through the highs and, more often than not, lows.
Except it isn’t.
Not anymore.
Football is now all about money. Plain and simple. The fans who attend games week-in, week-out are incidental now that the TV companies can tap an international audience who provide more in revenue than the number you can cram in to a stadium. The match-going fans might still be important to the clubs, but the TV money is more important still, so it will always be their will which wins out above what is best for the fans.
How else can you explain Arsenal’s game, away to Hull, being moved with just eight day’s notice to fit in with the TV schedule and Chelsea’s European commitments? Has there been any apology or even acknowledgement that fans that had already booked and paid for their train tickets would now have to forgo that money and fork out more? Or miss the match altogether?
Don’t be daft.
The game had already been moved once for TV meaning that many fans had to book hotel accommodation due to the late kick-off and the lack of trains back to London. Not that any of that matters.
Look at the FA Cup final this year. It will kick-off at 5pm and will feature Arsenal v Hull. The last train back to Hull is at 8pm and their fans are now having to trek down to London for the second time in a month because of the insistence of the FA on holding the semi-finals at Wembley. But those fans aren’t as important as ensuring a global TV audience for a competition which pays out just £1.8m to the winners yet rakes in millions more from BT Sport and ITV.

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